Who We ARE

We are experts in various fields of Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation to cure your health problems.

Dr. Ismile Tak

Post Graduate Diploma In Yoga,
Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga - NDDY
28 years experience in Yoga and Naturopathy

Arogya Vihar has Mr. Ismile Tak who well experienced in Yoga and Meditation, along with providing training in Yoga and Meditation, make the patients understand the finer nuances of these ancient Indian practices, so relevant in today’s stressful environment.

Our Experties

Inner peace is key to healthy life and happy living.

How to Find Inner Peace. Looking for inner happiness and peace? Inner peace means you have a sense of harmony, emotional well-being and fulfillment in your life despite your current struggles (money, relationships, loss, etc).

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